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D.M. Ralphs Consulting has experience with high-value professional medical-legal services and expert opinions for legal teams. We offer document review, comprehensive summarisation of medical records, verbal opinions, written opinions, expert testimony, and rebuttal reports.


We consult via phone/video conference and in person. If your firm is interested in retaining our services, please email or call to answer any questions and discuss your file as needed.


Our office and online communication has strict confidentiality protocols and file security measures in place.

Future Cost of Care Reports

Future Cost of Care Reports encompass the client’s lifespan in regard to their ever-changing needs and conditions. Being an experienced Registered Nurse, D.M.Ralphs Consulting  can anticipate the future needs of clients throughout their life expectancy. 

​As a Registered Nurse, D.M.Ralphs Consulting provides comprehensive Future Cost of Care Reports; limiting the time and expense of numerous Healthcare Professionals consulting on a case. 

Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consulting Reports are based on the extensive knowledge through our practice and training to scrupulously interpret and summarize pertinent information from medical records and documents.  These are comprehensive reports that focus on the concerns at the time of litigation. 

Expert Testimony

D.M. Ralphs' eighteen years of experience as a Registered Nurse, affords professional expert testimony.  Specialized knowledge, confidence, and expertise are a few of the advantages D.M. Ralphs can offer your firm's case.

D.M. Ralphs Consulting also offers opportunities to further educate professionals and students regarding the integration of law into healthcare. 

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